Tabla Class

Rhythm is all around us – in our heartbeat, nature, our body’s Bio-rhythm etc. A ‘Rhythm Rider is a person, someone who is at peace with himself/ herself & constantly in rhythm with himself/ herself and their surroundings, thus making for happy, positive and a more productive employee..

Having a strong interest and hobby in Indian music, can help us become more peaceful & focused. Research has proven the transformational powers of music, to help children excel in their studies & get better Emotional connect with their parents & society. Music also helps career stressed adults, to become more positive & mentally stronger to take on more challenges!

Our various Rhythm Workshops help you to center yourself, increase focus and positivity, find peace & empower yourself towards success!!


Class Details:
Day: Monday, Wednesday
Time: 10:45 am – 12:45 am[/vc_column_text]