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From innocuous common colds to nagging sinusitis to bothersome growths inside the nose (polyps), we have all seen .


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ANATOMY OF NASAL SEPTUM The nasal septum divides the nasal cavity into two halves.

DEVIATED NASAL SEPTUM It is the deviation of the nasal septum to one side of nasal cavity. Hence, the patient may have recurrent blockage of one nostril. Septal deviations, though common, require to be treated only if they produce symptoms affecting nasal functions and blocking the osteomeatal complex.

FOREIGN BODY NOSEForeign body in nose can present acutely, sub-acutely or many years later in adulthood.


  • Age: Usually found in children between 2-5 years of age.
  • Site: Foreign bodies commonly lodge between septum and inferior turbinate or between the septum and middle turbinate if they are pushed deep into the nose.

Types of foreign bodies:Foreign body in nose can present acutely, sub-acutely or many years later in adulthood.

  • Organic foreign bodies: Tissue paper, seeds, sponge, peas etc. They provoke an intense inflammatory reaction from the nasal mucosa.
  • Inorganic Material: Beads, button, rubbers, wooden pieces require careful removal.
  • Battery: Button cell battery inserted in the nasal cavity requires urgent examination under anesthesia. Leakage from the battery can result in corrosive burns and destruction of the nasal septum.

ETHMOIDAL POLYPS Definition: Ethmoidal polyps are multiple, bilateral, painless, pearly white, grape like masses arising from the ethmoidal air cells


  • Sex: Both sexes are equally affected
  • Allergy: Usually allergic origin. .
  • Chronic rhinosinusitis..

POSTERIOR NASAL PACKING Posterior nasal packing is a procedure that is helpful in those cases of nasal bleeding where anterior nasal packing alone has failed to control the bleeding. It is normally done under general anesthesia.


  • Post adenoidectomy bleeding.
  • Post angiofibroma excision bleeding from the nasopharyngeal area. .
  • Epistaxis not controllable by anterior nasal packing.

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